Besides sauces, I like to make a variety of items for the kitchen with all of the bounty that I have here on the farm. My neighbors or the local markets sometimes provide very interesting and delicious, unique items that, to me, are very special, kitchen gold.

Crystallized Ginger

is a must have pantry item in my kitchen. Fresh ginger is slow cooked with water and organic Raspadura (local sugar) then dried out and coated with more sugar. It is a wonderful addition to chutneys and pork dishes. Of course, you can always just eat it like candy right out of the bag too!


Home Rendered Lard

Since I have made myself first in line to buy any fresh pork that my neighbors have raised, I also get a load of pork fat to render. More and more people are considering lard as a cooking fat. I sure do. It has a great flavor and makes the most tender, flaky and delicious pie crusts.

Rendered pork fat is a traditional and naturally made oil for cooking. The fat is mostly mono-unsaturated and has 0 Trans fatty acids. It has less cholesterol than butter. It was a main fat/oil used by cooks before the invention of vegetable oil and hydrogenated fats such as Crisco.

More on the health benefits and how to use Lard!

Cloud9 Post - Lard: For Authentic Mexican Flavor

Lard: After decades of trying, its moment is finally here. From Slate.com

Asian Ingredients


I love to cook Asian. Many ingredients are very hard to find in average Super Markets here in Panama. I use many of these specialty ingredients in many of the recipes that I post on this blog. Therefore we like to offer these items for your convenience or better yet, here is where you can find them yourselves. I mean, if I am posting a recipe that uses something that is not available here in Boquete then, what is the point?

I know how hard it is to get to David and Panama City, but If you do feel like going shopping in some unique food stores, here is where you can find these products.

In David:

Casa Lisa Chinese Store

Casa Lisa is a great store for Asian Goods. Really fun stuff like dried mushrooms, fresh tofu, wanton wrappers, salted plums, dried fish, seaweed and so much more.


Coming from Boquete, after turning onto the InterAmericana, immediately turn left after the Super Baru. The store is just a few blocks past Elmec on the same side of the street, after the street turns into a one way against you. So go around the block and head back towards Super Baru and it will be on your right hand side. I do not know how else to explain it. Ask a taxi driver if you need.

In Panama City:

All of these are in the Paitilla section of town. My advice is to take a taxi. If you go, be a pal and ask me if I need something!

Mini Max Chinese Store
Kings Indian Foods
Riba Smith
Super Kosher

Here is a few items that I use from these stores and a recipe.

Fish Sauce - Nahm Plah - from bulk
Cloud9 Recipe: Vietnamese Herb Noodle Salad and Grilled Beef with Lemon Grass

Rice Papers for Summer Rolls- about 20 wrappers
Cloud9 Recipe: Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Rice Stick - Thin Noodles - large bag, lots of servings
Cloud9 Recipe: Vietnamese Herb Noodle Salad and Grilled Beef with Lemon Grass

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