Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Radishes Galore


I find it amazing just how fast radishes grow and just how fast they turn to woody crap! I would love to know how other people use them. I have never used them very much in my kitchen. Even though I really enjoy the flavors of horseradish, I could not figure out what to do with them besides slicing them up and serving them on top of a salad.

It was not until my friend Jennifer served up an amazing radish dip with croƻtons and veggie sticks at one of her parties that I gave radishes a second thought. The flavors were well melded with herbs and garlic, I think she used sour cream or cream cheese, anyway, the texture was creamy and rich, not watery. It was amazing! We devoured it! It really opened my mind

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lard: For Authentic Mexican Flavor


Believe it or not! This week's adventure on the farm is a Tub of Lard!

For those who are concerned with flavor when cooking authentic tasting Mexican food, lard is an essential ingredient. Lard is used to make both tortillas and tamales light and delicate. It has a very high smoke point which is very beneficial for deep frying chile rellenos, flautas, and flavorful homemade tortilla chips. Lard adds a richness and a delicious pork flavor that is essentially Mexican in flavor, especially in refried beans. And there is nothing like a mess of greens sauteed in Lard!

If you eat meat, you might want to consider lard as a cooking fat. Rendered pork fat is a traditional and naturally made oil for cooking. The fat is mostly monounsaturated and has 0 Trans fatty acids. It has less cholesterol than butter. It was a main fat/oil used by cooks before the invention of vegetable oil and hydrogenated fats such as Crisco. Traditionally, lard has been used