Monday, May 11, 2009

Alone Time Musings


Sometimes the writing bug hits me hard, and then there are times like this.....blank. I started about 5 different entries today. I saved them for later on. They just didn't feel right. I took a nap. Let the dogs in the bed with me, Curt is on vacation in Contadora. The dogs and I deserve the treat of togetherness. They are German Shepards, brother and sister, Argos and Shiva, our kids. I had to change the sheets afterwards... not too smelly...but I felt a little itchy.

They are good watch dogs, not just for the house and property, but there are many times at night I know that Shiva, my girl-dog, is chasing critters away from the vegetables. They also let me know when the local cows have decided to come up the hill and have an attempted luncheon visit on my veggies.