Monday, April 27, 2009

Exploring South East Asian Cusine


It is very difficult here in Chiriqui to find ethnic inredients, at least the ones that are a little more obscure such as Rice Papers for Vietnamese Summer Rolls (I know it says Spring roll Wrappers) or Thai Pastes for real Thai cooking. I am constantly on the look out for good food finds. Although occasionally specialty items and ingredients pop up here and there in the local stores, you can not count on them to be there regularly. I found canned Hominy once in Super Baru, cleaned them out of all 2 cans they had. I haven't seen it since.

This week I will be trying to fill a void for Southeast Asian ingredients by making 2 new homemade Thai pastes as well experimenting with Rice Papers, Rice Noodles and Fish Sauce. I am planing to create other unique salsas, sauces and products that might be needed to really complete that special recipe (including the ones that I want to share with you), you know, those oddball ethnic