Monday, February 16, 2009

Hot Peppers


I am a huge fan of hot peppers. I can not imagine cooking with out them. Much to my surprise, Panamanians are not big fans of them. When I moved to Panama I could sometimes find Habaneros, but not often enough. Now I know that Panamanian food is not Mexican food, not by a long shot, but no hot peppers in the markets? I was dying for hot peppers and Tabasco Sauce was not cutting it.

Obviously out of necessity, peppers were the first crop planted in my garden. I started with JalapeƱos and Serranos. I have now expanded my varieties and plan on continuing to do so, there are so many varieties that have different flavors and uses.

Here is a quick list telling about the differences between the different kinds that I grow and how to use them. Many of the peppers are perennial and many die quickly when the rains come. I use so many that I am continuing to plant more and more out of fear of going without!