For the premium coffee we sell,  we select only very ripe cherries and our friends at Panama Joe take it from there.  Their operation is small and focused resulting in some of the best coffee you can buy anywhere.  We are proud of our efforts so far and we hope to improve our quality in the years to come.

Most of our farm is planted in coffee.  With the farm being 5 hectares about 3.75 hectares is in coffee production.  We have two seasonal creeks, one of which the previous owner left a nice buffer of native forest. We continue to leave this area untouched. The farm is planted in Criollo, Caturra and Catuai varietals and all of these are at least 15 years old.  We have begun replanting as of 2011 and will continue until the farm is all new plants.  In the meantime this means we have needed to cut trunks back and produce beans from the new growth that results. As we replant we are also planting in varietal blocks so that we can produce products that are varietal specific as well as varietal blends.  This will allow us to craft products with very specific flavor profiles. We would love to just replant the whole farm at once but we just do not have the time right now.  The fact is coffee is not as lucrative as vegetables and we must allocate our time appropriately.

Coffee requires a significant amount of care and to produce good results organically takes even more care.  We fertilize with chicken manure and calcium,  utilize mulch when we have it available and are slowly encouraging certain beneficial ground covers.  The plants are routinely sprayed with compost teas and bio fungicides. This year we have a plan to improve shade and nitrogen levels with plantings of Castor bean and leguminous trees.  We have a nice selection of native trees on the property but hope to soon plant a broader scope to support our local animal life.

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