Monday, October 4, 2010

Second Greenhouse is Up!

Farm Update: Even though the rains have been more than frustrating and a bit of a hardship on our farm, gardens and disposition this year, we actually are grateful because the challenge has made us rethink our setup and techniques. The garden beds have all been reconstructed for hard rains and wind and beautifully planted with herbs to hold up the sides. The second greenhouse was erected this past week. Smaller cloches for the other beds are going up and new organic brews and teas have been set on a schedule for insect and disease prevention.

All of these changes will allow us to be more prepared and more productive for the future.

With the latest greenhouse, much smaller than the first one, now gives us almost 200 feet by 22 feet of inside growing space.

In the short amount of time that they have been up, the resulting growth has been incredible. It is amazing what can happen when things are not drowning!

Here is a list of what has been planted and on its way soon. 6 kinds of heirloom tomatoes, (already flowering!), tons of cucumbers, eggplants, loads of regular spinach, 8 kinds of lettuce, bell and hot peppers, butternut, crookneck and pattypan squashes, cantaloupe, 4 kinds of basil, spotless Swiss Chard in 4 colors, tender radishes and tons more.


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