Wednesday, September 2, 2009

White Sage - Let's Clear the Air!

I assume that most people do not understand what exactly White Sage is and what it is used for. It is not a culinary herb, like regular Garden Sage. Generally, it is used dried, as Incense.

White Sage or Broadleaf Sage is considered to be a sacred plant to many American Indians and magical to others. When dried and burned in small amounts around the house or just around your current area, it is claimed to clean the air, eliminate negativity and bad vibrations, offer protection from malicious and evil spirits and maybe even complaining husbands.

I am not sure how many of these claims are true or not. I am sure, that for it to work in these magical
respects it is necessary to believe that it can. I have read and been told that not just the herb in itself but the smoke has many healing and anti-bacterial properties as well.

I have used dried white sage in this fashion. It smells obviously very herbal and desert like. When the house just feels dank and moldy or stagnate, I will light a few sprigs, like you would with an incense stick, place it into an ashtray type of container and walk it through the house, wafting the smoke throughout, even the closets. I enjoy it because everything smells better, and feels lighter and cleaner! You do not have to burn all of it at once. Simply light a just a few sprigs, do your walk, extinguish it then relight it again when you need it.

I have been to many a party in Humboldt County, CA with people walking around with a "Smudge Stick", a wrapped up wand of dried sage. "Smudging" people to promote good times for all. Those crazy Californians, they'll smoke anything. My clothes smelt good after!

Here are a few websites that can tell you about how to make your own smudge sticks, the ceremonies, mystical powers and health and healing benefits.

Making Smudge Sticks:
From or

Ceremonies and Ritual Making:
The Mystic Power of the Sage Cleansig Ritual
The Sage Ceremony

Antibiotic and Cleansing Properties:
It is used medicinally as a tea and tonic for many ailments such as sore throat and bad stomach. It just does not strike me in that way so I have not tried it as a tea. Let me know if you use it this way and how it goes.

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